Thursday, January 22, 2015

Big News and little

Baby Ava Irene on her birthday
The BIG news is the arrival of baby Ava Irene in Chicago. My dear niece gave birth to her on January 20. Mom, dad and baby all doing fine. As you see she has lots of lovely dark that from her dad for sure.

The name Ava is found both in Sweden and Iran so my niece decided it was a good one to go with Ava's dual heritage. Irene was my mom, really loved by my niece. I am so happy to see that name continuing.

The cool color side

The warm color side. Which do you like best? I can't decide.
Now that Ava has arrived, I can put up pictures of the quilt I commissioned from my friend Jan. When we planned it we put together two different colorways and then could not decide which we liked best. So Jan suggested doing a double sided quilt. Because she was the seamstress willing to do it, I said sure, and you can see the results. I trust Ava and her parents will be pleased.

The little news is that Smokey Rose taught herself that trick about unwinding the whole roll of toilet paper al across the bathroom floor, something she never did before last night. I am not liking this new trick one little bit.

That's right, Smokey Rose. Sometimes you gotta go hide from me.

And finally, Sundance '15 is here again.

My swag for this year
It looks like we are all Ohio State fans now; of course, the football team did do very well recently. The puffy styling gives me big shoulders and I kind of think I resemble the Michelin tire man. I'll need to be on the lookout for someone who really likes the jacket so I can give it away. I much prefer last years' version because of the colors. If you like the red & gray this year, let me know.

Sundance swag from 2014. I like this jacket a lot.
This year I figured out how to work the shift board in time to score working at the big premier. I'm looking forward to it. Last year it was "Mitt" about Mitt Romney, so I did not feel deprived about missing that. THIS year it is "A Walk in the Woods" starring Robert Redford. I might actually get to be in the same room as RR this year. I'm excited. This time tomorrow, that's where I will the theater.

This year is going to be really hard for me to see extra films because of this working 0700-1900 all day both Tuesday and Saturdays. I think I may bite the bullet and risk falling asleep at films and just go to ones that begin at 2100-2130. Usually I just don't even consider doing that. For some reason I was given NINE tickets to use. Usually I can't even manage to do my usual six. I already gave one away to a friend.

I have NO IDEA how I am going to mange things like eating next week. I'll get breakfast and probably lunch too, but supper...good luck with that. And then there is sleep. Paying bills. Working on days that are not Tuesday of Saturday. Laundry. Cleaning. You know, life.

I think I am going indulge myself and pay parking so I can drive to the venues and not have to come home super late on the TRAX. That will make my life easier.

So, a new baby in the family and another year of Sundance. Good things happened this week.

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