Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hygge Time

Smokey Rose knows how to get cozy

(I am feeling ok now. Others are getting sick all over the place, but I am better. Just have a cough sometimes still)

Jul is over and none too soon. While there is certainly a lot to like about the holiday, it is usually too much for me in the end, and I don't even have kids or a big house, don't entertain, don't bake things (for Jul anyway), don't have seasonal music playing all the time, don't travel anymore to be with loved ones, don't do a lot of things one is supposed to do at this time of year.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Smokey Rose knows how to snuggle up very well.

I did travel to my hometown. I did attend the baby shower on the night I arrived. (sparkly red shell + silver poinsettia cardigan). I did have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with the family (sparkly silver T-neck + sparkly black cardigan.)

Then I got sick. Started with a deep congested cough on Friday. Moved onto overall body aches, especially a head ache. Little flirting with really bad digestive system upset.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Over the Mountains and Across the Plains or Beware Enterprises that Require New Clothes (maybe)

These made the cut for the suitcase. Notice all the sparkles?

Wednesday I'm about to do something I have not done in many, many years. I'm going home for Thanksgiving. It always seemed like far too much trouble and expense for just a big meal. If I were going to travel for a holiday, I always saved that for Christmas.

But this year is different, because this year is different and special. My niece got married in July ... a short civil ceremony at city hall with just a few family members who all lived nearby followed by a dinner at a nice restaurant for those same few people. Maybe she is like me, in that I hate giving parities and I simply don't do it. She debated about some kind of get together for those who could not attend the actual wedding and finally settled on having another dinner at a restaurant on Thanksgiving Saturday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

There is some news

Look what I got this summer. And I intend to make good use of it.
Now that I am back at work again, I'm working really hard this year. I have a bigger assignment that I have ever had at this job. I am handling it. About 3 months ago various supervisors at work were thanking me up one side and down the other for agreeing to rescue them from a situation by agreeing to work as hard as I am working. They're not thanking me any more because I think they have forgotten about the situation that I did rescue them from. They have moved on to new problems and issues.

But before too much longer people will realize that they may have an even bigger problem because I have made a huge decision. I'm going to retire after the end of the school year in 2016. That's like a year and 3/4 now. I only have one more July, August, September and October to work now.

Ok, ok, I'm Back

One of the last roses of the year at Red Butte Garden
 As you can see, I disappeared from the internet for a while. I'm feeling a bit guilty about this, but every time I think that I must DO something about that, I get this paralyzing feeling that says "like what?"

Well write, I suppose. But write about what? I've kind of run out of ideas, or don't know how to say what I might want to say. I guess that might be "writer's block."

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Changed My Mind

Outside Apt 3C. Notice the new, modern decor in the hallway.
Remember how I said I wasn't going to move from my present apartment? Never mind.

Really, I had no intention of moving, but one day, not too long ago, I asked our super super, Adrian, what the newly remodeled lobby was going to look like. The whole lobby has been off limits for some time because it's been torn all to pieces, but it was difficult to see the plan for the end product because for the longest time they focused (as they should) on things like electric wires, roughed in plumbing, new walls, especially load bearing ones. Adrian said it was going to be an open lobby, a big open space with only a bathroom walled off and then a remodel job in old Apt 1B to the northeast AND a newly built studio apartment where the old hair salon used to be, a totally new apartment 1A to the south east.