Saturday, January 3, 2015

ANOTHER Week of Being Sick

I received this postcard from Russia this week. It expresses exactly how I feel right now.

This post will not be long. I wrote the last one Sunday during the day. That same night, when I went to bed, I started coughing. I couldn't sleep because of all the coughing. Monday was worse, and Monday night even worse than that.

I gave up and went to see the doctor on Tuesday. A very nice young family practice resident told me he didn't think I had the actual flu like the whole rest of the word seems to have because I didn't have a fever. But he clearly saw I was miserable. He gave me some codeine to help me stop coughing and get some sleep. It worked. My friend Jan took me to the grocery store for a big stock up of sick food.

I have slept away most of the week now.

I did get up and go to play Taiko on New Years' Eve. I took every kind of medicine that just might control some symptom or another. That worked pretty well too, so I was able to hold it together. I did 4/9 songs. We have videos of everything and I can see I am playing just fine.

Lots of clowning around in our New Years' picture this year.

Then I went home and more or less didn't get out of bed for two more days.

Today I am up and dressed. I did laundry and some cleaning. I think I am getting better. I plan to continue to lay low for as long as I can. Lost of cold weather + a big air inversion is coming. I have nothing of great importance to go out for anytime soon.

This is a lousy way to start the new year. Oh well. Could be worse.

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