Monday, November 24, 2014

Over the Mountains and Across the Plains or Beware Enterprises that Require New Clothes (maybe)

These made the cut for the suitcase. Notice all the sparkles?

Wednesday I'm about to do something I have not done in many, many years. I'm going home for Thanksgiving. It always seemed like far too much trouble and expense for just a big meal. If I were going to travel for a holiday, I always saved that for Christmas.

But this year is different, because this year is different and special. My niece got married in July ... a short civil ceremony at city hall with just a few family members who all lived nearby followed by a dinner at a nice restaurant for those same few people. Maybe she is like me, in that I hate giving parities and I simply don't do it. She debated about some kind of get together for those who could not attend the actual wedding and finally settled on having another dinner at a restaurant on Thanksgiving Saturday.

That's a pretty good idea...low fuss & at a time when people probably could have time to travel if needed. So I'm going. Leaving in a jet plane and all that (although I do know when I will be back again...the single biggest travel day in the US, Thanksgiving Sunday.)

This whole weekend will be unusual for me in that it will be one party after another. There will be  a baby shower, the big day dinner and the wedding party. I'll be meeting all the in-laws for the first time. Pictures will be taken. Memories will be made. Just one big social whirl.

I opened up my closet door and said "what on earth should I wear for all these PARTIES?" I don't go to parties. I don't have clothes for parties. I have nice clothes. Good quality clothes. Professional clothes. Comfortable clothes. Clothes that would do. But no FANCY clothes, the kind of clothes a person is supposed to wear to parties.

I figured it was either the all black beatnik look or shopping. I decided on shopping. I do want my niece and the in-laws not to think I am too weird. I DO want to be the oddball auntie, but not the really strange one that my niece will feel compelled to try to explain and not be able to.

I began with the new City Creek Center in the full price stores. Of course I found nice things (cashmere!) But spending $90 for a top that I probably would only wear once just did not make sense at all.

So...the other end.. Target. There I found a black cardigan with sparkles and a white fluffy pullover. Then Smith's Marketplace where I scored a sparkly red shell and two black long sleeved tops embroidered tastefully with Christmas motifs that also sparkle. Now I had the theme....sparkly things.

Today it was Chico's, just to be sure there was nothing for me, which there wasn't. Then finally Steinmart, Ross and TJ Maxx. I NEVER go to these stores. But today, I scored again. I came home with FIVE different sparkly tops in a variety of styles, four in silver and one in red.

And guess what? Everything goes with everything. What a concept! I now have a wealth of sparkly party clothes. More than I need for this trip, but I'm keeping them all anyway. Who knows, maybe people will give parties here in SLC that I will feel like going to, because, after all, I now have a whole lot of clothes that sparkle.

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