Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ok, ok, I'm Back

One of the last roses of the year at Red Butte Garden
 As you can see, I disappeared from the internet for a while. I'm feeling a bit guilty about this, but every time I think that I must DO something about that, I get this paralyzing feeling that says "like what?"

Well write, I suppose. But write about what? I've kind of run out of ideas, or don't know how to say what I might want to say. I guess that might be "writer's block."

I guess I could just start with a news update. I DID move into 1A. I've been here since March. I'm glad I did this move because I like 1A quite a lot. It's small and cozy.
My new all modern just fine and is just enough.

It's all new. It has the best bathroom in the building. I got rid of a lot of stuff during the move. It's modern.

Minimalists, avert your eyes. I have plenty of beautiful things just sitting around looking pretty. And they change with the seasons. This is "autumn" of course.

It's not minimal; I have plenty of stuff. I even bought some new stuff like this wreath to help me fell all autumn-y.
From Pier One is case you want to know.

And I had another old handkerchief framed just because it is beautiful. I have six other framed hankies sitting under my wardrobe. They will emerge in the spring and summer.
They don't make these any more. I got this from my mom.

I had kind of difficult spring this year, but I won't write about that because...well, I just don't want to go public about it all. But things are different now, and I am feeling better.

I know this looks a lot like my old place, but really, it's the bed in the new place.
Smokey Rose is with me all along and is just the best.

My MN cousin's back yard in mid March.

I took a couple of business trips this year. One to Minnesota, where I used to live quite happily, was in March while they were still deep in one of the worst winters in living memory. I decided quickly that while I have very fond memories of the place, and will happily visit in summer, no way will I be moving back there. I had totally forgotten about things like ice rink parking lots, ice rutted side streets, side streets narrowed by ice and snow ridges, icy patches on main streets, ice mountains at the edges of any open area, you know, ice everywhere that just doesn't go away until about Memorial Day.

Outside the Denver Art Museum. Notice the bright blue sky.

I also went to Denver, another place I used to live. It was a pretty nice city in the late 1980's. It's even better now. I would consider moving back there.

Over the summer I did not take time to go and be a tourist, even for a day. I had thought, maybe, I would do a day trip or two. For example, I still want to check out the last Buffalo, the one in Wyoming. But I never did. Most of the summer I was a virtual hermit in my summer home. I just needed some time to withdraw from nearly everything. So that's what I did.
These beautiful socks were fun to do and will become a gift to someone at Jul time.
I did a lot of knitting, but clearly no writing.

Now one the mildest and driest autumn's in a long time has past, I'm feeling settled in for awhile. I'm feeling ok with things again. Hope to be able to write more. Let's see what happens.

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