Thursday, December 4, 2014

Best Laid Plans

Smokey Rose knows how to snuggle up very well.

I did travel to my hometown. I did attend the baby shower on the night I arrived. (sparkly red shell + silver poinsettia cardigan). I did have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with the family (sparkly silver T-neck + sparkly black cardigan.)

Then I got sick. Started with a deep congested cough on Friday. Moved onto overall body aches, especially a head ache. Little flirting with really bad digestive system upset.

I did NOT attend my nieces wedding party, the main reason for the trip as a whole. I did get all dressed and ready to go (repeat silver T-neck because I had chills + sparkly red cardigan). I was about to get my coat on and get into the car for the two hour drive to downtown Chicago when I said to my brother, "I can't go." If the party had been in town, I would have braved it because I would have had the option of slipping out early if needed. But going into Chicago ... no escape for hours.

I stayed home and drank ginger ale and ate toast (not even a whole piece), and watched TV on the sofa accompanied by the house dog. I was really glad I did not go when it turned out the family didn't get home until maybe 0100 or something like that.

I'm still not feeling good. This would be day 7 so I probably will be doing OK by the weekend. I've been taking things easy at home. The place is kind of cleaned up just because I can't do nothing. Today I attacked my email in-boxes (well, one of them anyway). I also e-ordered my necessary Jul gifts, so I have accomplished some things. But I have also been napping a lot. A heck of a lot. Smokey Rose has been happy to have a snuggle companion lately.

I AM disappointed I did not attend the party, but I do think I made the right choice. Wish there were some way to get a do-over. Maybe there will be an anniversary party or something. We'll see.

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