Sunday, December 16, 2012

Too Much Holiday

Already I am overwhelmed with too much holiday this and that. I got to yesterday and found I could barely function any more. I had some ideas about going out and doing something or another. I didn't do any of that. I stayed in all day. I DID do quite a bit of knitting which made me feel good.

There are too many events for me. Too many dinners. Too many parties. Too many get togethers. Too many public events. To many end of year things. I'm quitting after tomorrow. Today I have our knitting group yarn exchange, which I can't miss, and tomorrow there is a nice luncheon for the Osher Institute (free food) which I have rsvp'ed for. I need to go up to the office anyway, so this will get me out of the house and up to work. Then I quit.

There are too many people and organizations asking me to give. I participated in 2 of them this year, one from the Zen Center and one in my apartment building. I didn't do anything with the various activities at work (on at least 4 levels, department, school, HS Center, university.) I do drop a dollar into the SA kettle each time I go out of a store. That's it for this year.

At home, I have changed over my home decor from spring colors and flowers to winter colors and wintery things like snow scenes. I finally put my little strings of IKEA lights with suction cups up on the windows. That took a lot out of me, but I did it and I do like how they look. I really do like it when I banish the flowers and pastel colors for awhile. I like the heavy blankets and the red and white pillows. (and in spring, I am happy to see these things banished for awhile too!) So I am glad I did these things. But now I am done with that too. Enough for this year.

I still have 4 gifts to wrap and mail. I have invitations to eat with friends on both Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, and I'll have to bring things to both. But I have a few days before I have to think about that.

So now I plan to maximize the amount of down time I have. I plan to stay in as much as possible. I plan to just do what I must and let everything else go. I plan to cuddle at lot with Smokey Rose. I am knitting on a sweater for me that I have been working on for far too long. No more gifts and small things to give away for awhile. Happy holidays to me.

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  1. Your kitty is so dang cute! Look at her! I love miss Smokey Rose...

    Hang in there. I think part of the frustration (for me anyway) is this gloomy, gray-bird weather everyday. I wish it would either snow or just be sunny. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder...

    The IKEA lights look really nice too. Have fun at your yarn exchange!