Saturday, October 27, 2012

After the Trip

I am back home a from a short business trip, and now I am trying to catch up on my ordinary life. So much goes on hold while I am away, but nothing goes away. I just have to do things later.

There's work, of course. It will take me several days until I am caught up on all the delayed things I have to do for my classes and our writing project. I'll chip away at all that over the course of next week.

But then there are all the things at home that need doing. Laundry, for example. Grocery shopping. Paying bills and managing finances. Cleaning. Everything is on backlog, and everything takes time to accomplish.

But then there are all the obligations I have imposed upon myself because the internet exists. This blog, for example. I enjoy doing it, and am not complaining, but I need to spend some time on it. You may notice how it's only getting a small bit of time right now ..... see the paragraphs above.

There's also Postcrossing. I love this site where I get to exchange real postcards with real people all over the world. I've been a member for over 5 years now and am approaching cards number 900 both sent & received. I have two good new friends whom I write to regularly that I met here. But it takes time to keep up with the cards. I receive a card  or two nearly every day which have to be registered. That only takes a few seconds.

Sending out cards is another matter. The steps involved are get the name & address, print address, select card, scan & upload card, write & stamp card, send. Not too bad if I only have to do one or two at a time, but my trouble is that I get backlogged here and then have to do a whole pile of cards at once. Today I was allowed to send out 23 cards when I began. I only got names for 11 because that's all the stamps I had at home. Actually that's not so bad. If I send out cards only a few at a time, they arrive only a few at a time which means I could potentially keep up with them.

I try to find cards every place I go. each trip I take I buy some. I buy local cards every time I see some. I pick up free cards that I find. I buy artistic cards when I see those. I have a rather big box filled with cards right now. People make requests about cards they like, and I try to have as many choices on hand as I possibly can. Eventually every card will find its' rightful owner. You can see from the picture above that today I am sending out a variety of things. There are the usual tourist photo cards. Many people say that's what they want most. But today someone begged for pansies (which I had) and someone else wanted sunsets (which I had). Someone wanted a cute b&w card (which I had). Another person wanted a cute card in pink (which I had). Someone wanted something about dancing (which I had).

I've got to get some more cats & dogs, and I need to look for sports, food, & Disney designs. I do have a nice pile of horses, birds, wolves and other animals. I got more than one sunset, several waterfalls, several scenes of Temple Square which I use as a stand in for a cathedral or castle. I've got lots of maps. I've got funny cards and Christmas cards. I've got lots and lots of beautiful nature.

Once I got done with Postcrossing, it was on to Ravelry. Here's where I keep track of all things knitting. Because I mostly knit small projects that get started and finished fairly quickly, I always have to update my projects. Because knitting books and yarn are some of the few things that I buy liberally, I always have updates there too.

Next was on-line shopping. I needed some of my favorite lotions and potions which I get by mail from San Francisco and New Mexico. I put in a Schwan's order. And I indulged in a couple of items of clothing from catalogues which I had been thinking about buying for a couple of months at least because I had some click through discounts.

Still to do? Write actual notes in actual paper birthday cards for two good friends. Listen to podcasts. Watch a Netflix video which I have had for a long time. Read books. Knit, Cook food. Plan more cooking. Snuggle with Smokey Rose. More snuggling with Smokey Rose. Extra snuggling with Smokey Rose.

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