Monday, January 7, 2013

Cat Naps and the Will to Cook

I have a kind of new habit which really makes me happy .... napping with the cat. When I am working at home and feeling weary in the middle of the afternoon, I find I can refresh my spirit by taking a break and getting in some kitty love time.

Usually Smokey Rose is snoozing on the bed in the afternoon. I figure out some way to slide in next to her and then start to pet her. She's a big pushover, and before I know it, she has turned so her tummy is up and rub-able. Of course I oblige. Purring soon follows. Before you know it, we are both comfy and then I just let myself drift away for awhile. She does too. All is good.

On the other hand, II am dismayed to find that I am losing a lot of interest in food. I am especially not wanting to do any cooking. I seem to have lost the will to cook. I am a decent cook. I know a lot of techniques. I can follow recipes. I can make up simple recipes. I've lived alone forever and the idea of cooking for myself has not been that daunting over the years. But for the past month or so anytime I start to contemplate the idea of getting up and cooking something or planning a meal, it's just too much effort. So I don't.

Today I threw out a whole lot of not good any more ingredients which I had bought with all good intentions but never got around to actually fixing. I don't see this funk ending anytime soon.

I think I need to stock up on healthy stuff that I can just eat when I do feel hungry.....fruit, ready to eat veggies, cheese, good quality bread, nuts, eggs, bacon, popcorn and go with it. Spaghetti sauce from a jar...I can probably handle that.  Maybe I'll toss in some ready made soups and call it good. Forget cooking and meal planning for awhile. And eat out a bit more than usual too. I don't want to revert to frozen meals (besides, those seem unappealing to me also right now.) I'm not worried about junk food binging.

So I was able to buy this wonderful book back in December with a gift card. It is a delight to read and just filled with recipes to try. But at the's a coffee table book. No cooking for me right now.

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