Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Year Later

Hi, there, Smokey Rose here. Most of the time my Mom writes about me, but this time she's letting me have the keyboard. It's now been one year since we have been living together. I have to say, I had no idea what was in store for me last year about this time. I mean, I just kind of schmoozed up to that lady with the blonde hair and glasses because I just like people. She wasn't anything special. But before I knew what was happening, I was inside this travel box going who knows where for a very long time just with HER. All my favorite caregivers from Best Friends .... haven't seen them since that day.

But guess what? Now I live in a HOME. I never knew what that was, but I have to say, it's pretty nice. I have lots of different places where I can sleep, all of them comfy. I think Mom made a bunch of places good for cats to use on purpose.
I am especially happy with this big thing that I had never seen before - the bed. It's kind of high, I have to jump up onto it, but once I'm there, I just don't want to leave. It's soft and has plenty of space for me to move around or stretch out. It has blankets and pillows that I can get under if I want, especially it it's a bit chilly.

And, the bed has a great hiding place underneath if I should need that. It's really hard for people to get me out from underneath the bed if I get myself way back in the corner. Mom usually just gives up and waits for me to get bored and come out on my own. That other lady, the caregiver who comes when Mom goes away for a few days sometimes does go to a lot of effort to move the bed and force me out. It's ok, though, because I do miss people around so much when Mom goes away. I like to cuddle up with the other lady too.
When I get done napping, I like to go look out of the windows for awhile.
I have a lot of toys I can play with if I want.
But, I have to say, that one of my favorite things is to snuggle with my Mom. I like it when she lays down beside me for a nap of her own. I like to go spend time with her when she first goes to bed, to make sure she is safe and warm before we both to to sleep for the night. And I love to go get into bed with her in the morning before she gets up for the day. I just go cuddle up to her and purr and purr and she rubs my tummy and under my chin and all that good stuff. for as long as I want. She's my new best friend for ever.


  1. So sweet. I just want to tickle her tummy!

  2. Hi Smokey Rose,

    Who would have guessed after your not so pleasant history, you would live with such a sweet lady like Linda?! I'm very glad to hear you still like it there, but why is it so far away from me? ;)
    Well, happy anniversary and I hope you and Linda will be together for many more years!

    Nose and head bumps to you Smokey Rose!
    Your long distance friend Woody