Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And Now It's Summer

Lovely blue skies, lots of green trees, plenty of sunshine.....summer is here. Today it's predicted that our high temperature in the region will be about 108 (F) or so. It probably won't be that high up here in the mountains, but it's around 87 inside my home this afternoon. I have open windows with shades down and 3 ceiling fans going. It's not too bad, but for sure it is warm inside.

I'm miserable. I hate hot weather. Summer is my least favorite season. My only comfort is knowing that we have passed the solstice, so that means the days are gradually growing shorter, and we are heading towards autumn. And still it is chilling off at night. I hope that will continue because it means that mornings inside my place are still ok, and I can sleep easily.

This hot spell is happening a bit earlier than I think is right. I think it should not get over 100 until about mid-July or so. Global climate change in action? (So far we have had only small-ish forest fires in the region, but the fire danger is high, and that could change at any minute. As I write Colorado is where most of the action is right now, but there are fires all around the region, including Utah.) The experts are pretty well agreed that the region is in another year of drought.

I'm coping by getting up  and going out for my trail walk earlier & earlier every day. I wear skirts and sleeveless shirts a lot. I drink a lot of water. I take baths in cool water, more than once a day if needed. I don't cook. I've ordered a tabletop fan from Target.

The good news is that I'm eating a lot of salads and fresh fruit because I can't stand the idea of cooking. I am  happy that nowadays I can buy those small round watermelons. Those plus frozen grapes are my favorite foods right now.

Smokey Rose is coping by spending a lot of time stretched out on the wood floor in dark places. She doesn't like petting and snuggling very much at the moment.

People ask me, what do I do up here all summer? Well, I keep with with my work over the computer. This summer I'm co-teaching a new class for me in human growth and development which is proving to be interesting and kind of fun even. I'm working on our writing project. Work involves a lot of sitting. I do it every afternoon and into the evening as needed.

I do go out for a morning walk. In the afternoons, when I make myself get up and move around, I've taken to doing housecleaning. I have to do everything by hand here, and sweeping is a satisfying activity. Yesterday I really did a good job in the bedroom...moved the whole bed and everything and was appalled, of course, at what I found under there. Today was bathroom day.

Other than that, I have very little energy.

I have however read three mystery novels and several other books on my trusty iPad.

I have knit several small things...so far 2 1/2 pair of socks, one scarf, one little shawl with a second scarf in progress and another little shawl to be started as soon as these rainbow socks are finished. Everything is small, easy and fast.

I practice drumming using our practice videos. I have learned one song pretty well so far and am about to start on another.

And then there are always naps on my nice comfy bed!

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  1. Oh! I hope it wasn't too much golden retriever fur that you found under your bed!

    I agree. It's too hot. The dogs and I are camped out under the swamp cooler in the kitchen (dogs are snoozing on the cool tiles). Thankfully the swamp cooler is still hanging in there... it hit 99 today in SLC.

    I love those little watermelons too. I should get one!