Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smokey Rose settles into our Black Hills Home

Smokey Rose turned out to be good little traveler. She was pretty upset right away on the first day in the car, and she had a little accident early on (bless her heart, she made an effort to deposit the stuff into the plastic water cup instead on onto the blanket, and she was mostly successful). I cleaned things up, and then we were all right the rest of the day.

She was fine in the hotel. She did her usual exploring around all the drawers and cupboards.
And eventually she settled down on the nice comfy bed for the duration.
The second day of driving, she was just fine, but glad to be released out of the box into her new place. I always bring in the kitty first and then go back and forth unloading the rest of the car. While I was getting the other stuff I heard this crash that didn't register with me at first. But I found the evidence..she had gotten into a kitchen cupboard right away and managed to break a small piece of depression glass that was there. My other cats all ignored the cupboards, so they were not "cat proof." Now she can still get inside the cupboards, but I have re-arranged things so that breakage is less likely. Every morning I wake up to find things like this:
But so far no more broken things.

Smokey Rose likes this place just fine. She should. There are nice cat beds all around the place.

She can sit safely in open windows and keep an eye on what's going on outside.

She appropriated the bag that I use to carry my laptop in for herself.
There is a nice big arm chair.
And high places she can explore.
And a bench that is often sunny.
She really loves to hide deep in the clothes closet, but I can't get a picture of that. At night she chases balls and stuffed mice around on the shiny wooden floor which makes things move fast.

And, of course, most of all she likes the bed, same as Lily and Poppy used to do.


  1. Oh Smokey Rose, what a lovely summer home! It looks like you settled in just fine! I'm a bit jealous of so many sleeping places. Did you liked the cardrive? I hate to go in it, but thats because when that happens, we always go to the vet :(
    Hope you and Linda are enjoying yourself! I will tell Jessica to send a card to you soon at your summer home, before you are home again!

    Nose bumps to you Smokey Rose! Love Woody

  2. Oh, I'm happy to hear from you, Woody. I did not like the car ride, but what could I do? I was trapped in the box until Mom let me out hours and hours and hours after we started. After I figured out this was going to take a long time, I just went to sleep as much as I could.

    We are enjoying ourselves. This is a very nice place. I hope we stay a long time.
    Nose bumps back at you!
    Smokey Rose