Sunday, October 16, 2011

Red Butte Garden in Early October

Folks at Red Butte Garden have decided that we will set some kind of record for the number of spring blooming bulbs. To that end we are now planting 100,000 of them. That's about all we are doing, sitting on the ground planting bulbs. Sometimes we do get up and hack things to the ground (aka cutting back perennials for the winter & throwing away spent annuals). These activities do not make for good photos.

Before we started all this, I did take some photos of the lovely things that were happening in early October. We are no longer deadheading roses, but there were plenty that were at their height in early October, especially yellow ones.
Thought that many of the rose blooms were especially large.
We have some special fall flowers like colchicum.
I always love the grasses,
and many have changed color for fall.
The red garden was looking pretty good.
And the four season garden is fine in this season as usual ... notice the beautiful grass.
There were some early signs of autumn color,
although only a few trees had actually turned colors.
Here are some more grasses.
It's hard to resist taking photos of the roses.
There were just so many beautiful plants.
I could go on forever, but I won't.  Well one more....
Welcome to Red Butte Garden. Autumn is a great time to visit.

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