Saturday, October 29, 2011

Red Butte Garden, End of October

I have finished with my volunteer gardening for the year at Red Butte. My gardening clothes are washed and put away. My tool bag is stashed in the back of the car. I threw away a hopeless pair of garden gloves. I won't be back doing any horticulture work until March or April next year. Much as I love doing this work, I'm ready to stop for the year. I think they will have a few extra days where volunteers can work next week, if the weather holds, but it's getting to be so cold in the mornings now, it's not that much fun anymore for me.

Over 100,000 bulbs have been planted this year. I did a few. The last few days we've just been cutting back and digging up. many of the gardens are looking rather bare now.

I am amazed at how many of the roses are still looking grand.
We have plenty of fall color now. It's probably at the height, or just a bit over.
Here's the view in the four seasons garden now. We chopped down all the grasses last week so there would be plenty of room for the spring bulbs.
Pretty leaves are everywhere.
So here are just some more pictures of fall colors.
It's hard to stop taking pictures.
I have plenty more.
But maybe I'll quit here.
Time to go see the garden before winter really sets in.


  1. i love October, and i love Fall. it's my favorite season. after the heat of the summer, it's so nice to have the temperatures drop and the beautiful contrasts of red-orange-yellow against the beautiful blue sky.