Monday, August 12, 2013

Love It or List It

I'm ok with big changes like moving when those changes are my own choice. I'm not so ok when the need to make a big change is trust upon me, like it or not. I just found out that one way or another, a big change will be thrust upon me.

My apartment building was bought by a new company this spring. At first nothing happened. Now, I have been informed, big things are changing. The company is renovating the whole place including all the apartments. We are going to have a series of choices. All of them involve paying more money and some of them involve the trouble of moving.

I have to get them all outlined for me on paper in order to get the facts in order, but I think I have options like this:

  • Call it quits and just move someplace else. Already a lot of my neighbors have taken this option.
  • Stay where I am and get no renovations at all until I move out, but pay higher rent anyway
  • Move permanently into a newly renovated place and pay even higher rent
  • Move temporarily into a newly renovated place while my place is being re-done and then
  • Move back to my old place, now improved, or stay in the other place because I like it better
I asked if there was also a half way option. I have painted my place and installed my own window treatments and light fixtures. I would just as soon keep those, but I wouldn't mind having a new kitchen. So I wondered if I could have a partial renovation while I would be away next summer. The manager said that maybe we could make that work.

I did a quick internet search for large properties closer to downtown than I am now. There are several options of places that would be very nice .... brand new even .... but all of them would be more expensive than what I have at the moment. However, most, I think would be the equivalent of the new highest rent here.

 I don't have to move anytime soon. I can take time to think this out, get options, weigh one against another.

But this is just when I was trying to save some extra money for the nest few years. That probably isn't going to be easy. 

Today I am shocked and confused. I don't know what I want except NOT to have to make major changes. Well, that ain't gonna happen.

Will I love it? Or List it?


  1. I'm sorry to hear this, Linda. It seems that in life, just when you think you have a good plan, a wrench gets thrown in the works. I hope you figure out a good solution to your housing problems. You're pretty resourceful!

  2. I'm already down to only options 1 or 2. I checked out the renovations and decided they are just cosmetic and not worth the inflated new price. I have investigated a few places via the internet machine and found some options for a brand new or fairly new place at only a bit more than the renovations here. Still the most cost effective option is to stay in my place without any updates and just pay the higher rent. I only need 4 more years, and then I will be gone 100% from this apt. I think I'm leaning on just waiting it out here. BUT getting to move into a brand new really lovely place IS tempting.

  3. If you stay where you are there is the possibility that in 4 years the space will need more renovation- it may be time to look for something else.