Sunday, April 8, 2012

Red Butte Garden - Early Spring 2010

I have started doing my volunteer horticulture work at Red Butte again. I missed one day because we had an odd day of snow last Friday, but otherwise I have worked in the Rose Garden, down by the pond and up in the medicinal and fragrance gardens. So far we are mostly doing cleaning and tidying, getting rid of the debris from fall and winter.

But first things first. When we were working down by the pond we found .......
This mother duck was sitting on something like 11 eggs. She seemed pretty ok about having us close by. We figured she has learned over the years that we humans may be big and loud, but we hand out a lot of food and are nothing at all like owls. eagles, bobcats, mountain lions, Canada geese, etc. Fritz, K, the horticulturist who takes a lot of photos and puts them up on Red Butte's FB page says that animal pictures are always the biggest hits, much more popular than flowers.

That's the only animal picture I have right now, so back to flowers and plants. This is the edge of the creek after about 10 of us got done working there.

And here's what the fragrance garden looks like now. remember this, because before to much longer it will start to look gorgeous.

Right now a few hyacinths are in bloom. Before too much longer there will be a garden filled with hyacinth fragrance.
We have a lot of flowering shrubs and trees right now.
But, of course, the real stars are the daffodils and other flowering bulbs.

As I think I have aid before, I love these tiny blue irises. We've got lots of them.

Lovely as the flowers are now, I know they have only just begun. As you can perhaps see, there is still plenty of room for more to pop up, and believe me, there are many more still to pop up.

Time to think about coming to see the garden yourself. Happy Passover, Easter, Spring to all!

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