Saturday, March 24, 2012

Smokey Rose's Favorite Places

Time to check in about Smokey Rose again. She's become quite the pin-up cat, having been featured in BOTH the Best Friends magazine and the newsletter for members. The magazine didn't have her story in it, just her picture, but it is a lovely picture.

Now that she has settled in here, she has determined some preferences. One thing she does not like at all is to have to get her medicine. This happens twice a day. I used to bring it to her, where ever she was found. I changed that so now I bring her to the medicine. We do it in the kitchen. She will run away and hide if she sees me coming, but most of the time I can ambush her as she naps someplace. Once I have her swopped up into my arms, she acts pretty good. Maybe she knows by now that the whole thing will take less than a minute.

But that's about it as far as her being unhappy.

Smokey Rose likes to spend time in hiding places. Most days when I come home I find this door open in the kitchen.

This means that she had opened the cupboard door at some time, gone in, checked it all out, and come back out all on her own.

She doesn't like all the closets. She did look over the hallway coat closet soon after arrival, but has spent little time there sine those first few days. She will often go in and look over one section of the clothes closet as well as the pantry if she finds those doors open, but she usually just has a look, finds it not to her satisfaction, and quickly leaves.

She does like the side of the clothes closet with the laundry basket though.

She likes to wrap herself up in the drapery sometimes. I wonder if she thinks that I can't see her because she can't see me.
Her favorite place, however, is the IKEA cupboard. She loves this hiding place and can get in and out all by herself.
And her very favorite place is the box filled with some of my homemade socks. This is one of the very best places to sleep, she thinks, and it probably is.


  1. I have Ikea curtains that I just haven't hemmed, and one of our kitties also loves to hide behind them! Great pictures.

  2. Hey there Smokey Rose!

    I wish I could come over and play hide and seek with you, you certainly have a lot of hiding places!
    Thank you so much for the last card/letter you sent me! I don't like to take a bath either, we will leave that up to the moms!

    Stay close to the mailbox, something is on the way to you!

    Bye bye Smokey Rose! Nose bump to you and Linda! Woody