Sunday, January 15, 2012

Something New for Smokey Rose

Smokey Rose has a new friend. Her Mom met a woman in the Netherlands  via who lives with a big black cat named Woody. Woody has been sending Smokey Rose postcards and messages.

Woody got some great cat yoga cards and sent a nice one to Smokey Rose.

So naturally when Rosie's Mom came home with a new yoga mat, Rosie had to try it out herself to see if she liked this yoga thing.

But she didn't really take to it, and then the next day her Mom took the mat to work to use at an exercise class there. So much for formal study, although Smokey does, on occasion, invent some creative yoga poses.

Woody just wrote to say that his Mom also has ambitions to take exercise classes, but she more often than not ends up reading on the sofa with Woody in her lap. Smokey isn't so keen on her Mom going out in the evening all the time for those classes in Taiko drumming and now Tai Chi, of all things. (Smokey Rose's Mom thinks this will help her with things like "balance", but Rosie does not understand very well this idea that someone could possibly have problems with "balance").

 Rosie hopes her mom will take after Woody's Mom. Rosie's Mom says that she enjoys those evening classes a lot and will probably continue, however she finds the at work exercise class to be difficult. But Mom thinks she will probably continue attending because she is doing it with a whole bunch of her colleagues during work hours right in the building, and her most immediate boss set up the class and is also a student.

Woody seems just to want a friendship with the beautiful Ms Rosie. Probably he had that thing done that took away his interest in lovely lady cats as lady cats. He is just an all round nice fellow.


  1. I feel so special, me being mentionted on this blog! Hope my mom doesn't notice the yoga mat, it might give her ideas ;)

    Your mom was right by the way, in the animal shelter, wich was my home for over 6 months, they removed my "tools", so don't worry, I'm only looking for friendship in a lady cat :)

    Purr purr from Woody

  2. Sounds like YOU got a good forever home too, instead of that shelter, Woody. Thanks for beng my friend.

    nose bumps to you!
    Smokey Rose