Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Enough Already!

I've wasted a lot of mental energy thinking about a whether or not to buy a green scarf. Seriously. This simple living thing can get out of hand if you let it.

I haven't yet published the blog about my simple wardrobe colors. I'll get to it eventually, but for now what you need to know is that green is not one of my colors. And therein lies the problem. Green is not one of my colors, and yet I find I want to buy a green scarf.

See, I find I am noticing how pretty bright colors look against black (one of my colors). I've been noticing things like that beautiful woman wearing a bright green scarf against a black shirt. Or that bright green zipper on that black jacket. Or the green suede tops to those black boots...how lovely! Or how the bottom of my new toaster is black and doesn't it look fine against the main green color. Or how the inside of my black purse is a delightful shade of bright green. Or have you noticed how beautiful Smokey Rose's green eyes look against her dark gray fur?

Bright green looks very fine against black. I think I would like to own a pretty green scarf. Just a scarf, not a whole wardrobe. Or possibly a small vest or some shoelaces or maybe even go for broke with some Keds. One or two green accessories that will look nice with all my black clothes. Just for a change.

But my simple living principles rear up and make me have to THINK about this possible purchase...think a LOT about it. Think TOO MUCH about it.

Do I NEED a new scarf? Obviously not.

Am I just being co-opted by our ubiquitous consumer culture? No doubt.

What's wrong with all those other scarves I own? Nothing.

Will I give away an older scarf to make room for the new one? Probably not.

Will this scarf I am thinking about purchasing be made ethically and have a zero carbon footprint? Doubtful.

Will said scarf make me happy? No, I know better than to fall into that trap.

How long will I want to keep this new scarf? Who knows?

On the other hand......

Can I easily afford this scarf? Yes.

Will I end up living under a bridge in my declining years because I did not save and invest the price of this scarf? What do you think?

Will it cause more clutter? No, it will just be hung up with all the other scarves.

Do I have room for the new scarf? Yes, I don't have to live out of a suitcase.

Will I actually wear it? Most probably.

Will I get a complement or two when I wear the pretty new scarf? Possibly.

And if I should get a complement while wearing the new scarf? Well that would be nice wouldn't it?

How long have I been thinking about the idea of purchasing this new scarf? Over a year at least.

Jeeze. This is nuts. Just buy the $%#@! scarf will you?