Friday, July 1, 2011


I hate July.

July is the heart of summer. I do not like summer very much at all. Everyone else in the world seems to love summer. Not me.

I suppose I would feel differently if I lived in someplace like Barrow Alaska or Archangel Russia, but I don't and probably never will.

I hate being hot. I do not think I would like to live in any place that is tropical or warm most of the time ... that cuts out large chunks of the world. There are a whole lot of places in the world that I do not want to even visit because of the heat. I know, for example, that India is a fascinating place. I'm fine with reading stories and looking at pictures taken by other people.

I do not like my summer clothes. Seeing as how I have no need to get dressed up during most of the summer (sometimes all of it) I just wear tee shirts all summer long. I'm real tired of tee shirts. I don't like short sleeved woven shirts either ... they need ironing to look nice and who wants to iron when it's so hot in the summer?

There's too much light too much of the day in July. You have to be too careful about being outside in the sun in July. Sunburn happens to me too easily, but preventing sunburn makes me hot and sticky.  It's difficult to see during the day in the bright sunlight. I need dark glasses AND a hat with a brim during the day in July in order to be able to see well enough.

Independence Day is not my favorite holiday.

July is just something that needs to be endured.

I don't really wish for a life with less time in it, but I could do without July.

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