Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I just got back from a trip to my hometown. I'm trying to contemplate the whole thing. I may have more to say about the whole of it later. But right now, here's a list of this and that.

 An employee was offering samples of wine to shoppers in the morning in a supermarket. I've been in Utah too long.

Why does my back instantly ache just by sitting in the car? Does it have a memory of long hours of driving?

The Missouri River was amazingly high. There were lakes in people's yards in the Green Bay area. The Mississippi was high too but not as bad as the Missouri.

I saw a boy about age 10 dressed perfectly in the style of a 1960's dad. He had the glasses, madras shorts, polo shirt and the HAT that was just perfect. My friend says I'm behind the times. I think this is old fashioned. She said it's now the real cool look for kids. Must be the influence of "Mad Men." Do 10 year boys watch and like "Mad Men?"

Woman taking a photo at a rest stop in South Dakota .... a very tall & skinny guy next to a sign that says "Watch for Rattlesnakes".

In Wisconsin weather forecast speak, there were supposedly "scattered showers" which I experienced as "hurricane style deluge." I wonder if this has anything to do with state government austerity measures.

There were signs on the rest stop doors in Minnesota warning that if the state government would shut down at the end of June, the facilities would be closed and "sorry for the inconvienience."

I prefer the way TV shows get scheduled in the Mountain time zone as compared to the Central one.

In general purpose restaurants in the midwest, vegetarian pretty much = pasta with an all vegetable sauce.

Sometimes you just have to buy something that comes in a beautiful package.

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