Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quick Notes about Being Retired ..... Comfort is Queen

Smokey Rose helps me knit non-fashionable things
Did you happen to hear the NPR interview with Tim Gunn or maybe read the newspaper article on which it was based? It's all about how the fashion industry has abandoned plus sized women, which Mr. Gunn called disgraceful. Thank you, Mr. Gunn for saying it so eloquently.

I do recognize that whether I want it or not, the fashion industry does effect my clothing life in many ways. Like how the Meryl Streep character explained in the film "The Devil Wears Prada"..... for example, I can only buy certain colors at any given time because the powers that be have decided something or another about colors.

But, I've got some news for the fashion industry that maybe they already know. I don't care one little bit about fashion and being stylish. They can do as they please with their designs. I'm retired and I don't need or want them. But then I suppose they don't really want me either. That's money they are walking away from, but it's not my problem.

My cleaned up South Dakota closet
I had a big closet clean out when I first arrived here in South Dakota. When I get back to Utah, I'll do the same there. I used Mari K's criterion of "does it give me joy?" plus the other rule "is it comfortable to me?" Comfort and joy. That's what I want out my clothes. The fact that everything is easily washable doesn't hurt either.

While I do not want to deliberately look ugly or peculiar, I really don't care what others think about my clothes at all. If my clothes scream "old lady," that's OK by me. I am an old lady. No sense in trying to be otherwise. I really would just as soon look my age.

So my wardrobe is getting more and more simple as time goes on. Mostly black cotton knit trousers with elastic waist bands and pockets plus some kind of knit top. Short sleeved tees in the summer. Long sleeved tees and sweat shirts in the winter. Fleece vests and knit cardigans to use to adjust for temperature changes. Comfortable shoes. That's mostly it except for nightgowns, underwear, cold or rainy outerwear and swim suits.

And solid colors are me. In a limited number. Black, white, gray, red / pink, aqua / turquoise. My favorites.
Notice any trends?

I did keep some few professional  and dressy tops (the trousers work just fine for all occasions) because they will be needed from time to time. But the ones I have will probably get older and older without new ones replacing them because the ones I have are pretty classic and won't be wearing out from over use.
This red twinset from LLBean will probably last me a lifetime.

I kept some simple dresses because sometimes in the heat of summer, dresses can be about all I can bear to put on. They also work well for coming and going from water exercise classes ... put on my swim suit at home and drop a dress over it and I'm good both ways.

Speaking of swim suits, I now wear them without a thought about whatever "problem areas" my body might have. All my water exercise friends do. I've also got more than one because I know that pool water will do them in before too much time passes, so I rotate them in hopes that as a group they may last awhile. I'll be fine about wearing a swim suit at a lake or the seaside when the occasion comes to do that too.  It feels good to feel comfortable in my body.

New for autumn...maple leaves on butterscotch.
A new color, but only for autumn.
This won't be a trend.
Reminds me of my favorite Joni Mitchel song
"Chelsea Morning"
It's now becoming autumn. I'm so happy that I can now wear my pretty old lady sweatshirts. These are comfy sweatshirts with cute or pretty designs on the front. (Who doesn't love to wear adorable kittens?) I know these tops will be my uniform pretty much the whole time we have cold weather. I just got 3 new ones for fall, and I'm thrilled.
Smokey Roses!!!!!
Today I'm wearing the new gray one with the roses on it that are printed in shades of black and gray with pink sparkles here and there. I looked at the design and said "Wow! Smokey Roses!" Of course it's my new all time favorite.

I got a new edition of this catalogue this week. It's my favorite shopping venue these days. I got my three new sweatshirts from here. It's chock full of old lady clothes. Knit trousers with elastic waist bands. Pretty printed sweatshirts and tees galore. Pretty nightgowns. Cute jewelry like earring that are pumpkins and maple leaves. I'm in heaven. Who cares about fashion? (Maybe this company wants to be considered fashionable. I kind of think that's not the market they are after. They recognize a good demographic when they see one, I do believe.)

Thank you, Country Store. You've got a long term customer in me now. You know what I like.
Is this lacy cardigan fashionable? Who the heck cares?
It's beautiful and I made it.
It's an heirloom. 

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  1. You are so funny! I love that you are "comfortable in [your] own body. Words to live by. That lace cardigan that you made is beautiful, by the way. And I'm glad to know the story behind the "old lady sweatshirts." Let's get breakfast sometime soon!