Friday, June 10, 2016

The Blue Lady Is Feeling It


Technically I am not yet there. The official day is June 30. There are still a few chores to do. Last week at this time I was not yet there emotionally. I wrote a draft blog that was nothing more than a  list of chores accomplished and chores yet to be done.
I stil have to take all the boxes home from my office.

But today, right now? Yes, ma'm. I am a retired lady now.

I had a couple of work chores to finish up. I did them today. I cleaned out my work in-box to make sure everything on the list was done. It is. The only notices left there to be dealt with are things like instructions for how to get into the venue to see HH the Dalai Lama when he comes to town (YESSSSS! twice in a lifetime.)

I updated my CV. I hope this will be the last one. It now says I am a Professor Emeritus. Sounds good, right? Professor Emeritus. Snazzy. I like these old medieval  things that universities do still.  Let me say that again "Professor Emeritus." That's me.
"I am a Utah fan" Press this button to play.
I think it was the lovely party at work on Tuesday this week that sent me over the edge into feeling it. The party was the same format they do every year, but this time it was for ME. The whole past month has been special events in honor of me and my retiring peers. I'm feeling it kind of like a life event I never had ... getting married or something. Parties, cards, gifts.
People saying real nice things about me.
Yesterday I took the day with two other retired ladies (both of whom happen to be natives of Illinois). I used ny free UTA pass that I still possess until June 30 and took the Frontrunner train up to Ogden where we shopped in one of the best yarn stores ever, Needlepoint Joint, and had lunch at the brewpub next door, Roosters. There was knitting and beer and good times for all.

Three ladies from Illinois find fun together in Utah over beer at noon.
We also went out for supper at a Chinese place which was the choice of Jan, a birthday lady. My fortune was "Now is the time to set your sights high and go for it." Kind of colloquial for an ancient Chinese sage, but clearly written by an ancient Chinese sage and directed towards me.That surely is my plan now.

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