Sunday, May 24, 2015

This and That - May 24, 2105

I'm kind of stuck about what to write at the moment so I'll just send you some pretty pictures from Red Butte Garden so far this year and maybe some random thoughts and call it good. We have had a LOT of rain this month and so the flowers are looking great. Right now it's the irises that are stealing the show.
At the moment, these peach colored ones are my favorites

The columbines are also pretty good right now. I like the irises, but they are a bit show-off-y. I prefer the more dainty columbines.

The state flower of Colorado

The rose garden is just beginning, but some roses bushes are looking pretty good.

The old fashioned roses are blooming before all the hybrids
Right now we are getting rid of the evidence of daffodils. We're finally cutting back the foliage, but 6 weeks ago or so the daffodils were glorious as they always are.

This year I did not take many daffodil photos.
They kind of look alike from year to year.
Last week we had the annual retirement party at work. I'm truly into the countdown now because in 51 weeks it will be my turn.

The morning of the party I was driving home from the grocery store, and I came a bit too close for comfort from getting T-boned by someone turning left at an intersection where I was going straight through.  I thought "now wouldn't that be ironic...I get killed in an accident exactly one year away from retirement." But in this universe that did not happen. As they say "makes you think, right?" That probably could be seen as a sign to just quit now and live for the day, but I just can't do that. I'm too responsible for that. So I guess if something happens, and I never do get to Moab, so be it. What I had was good enough always.

I still have the best cat in the world, Smokey Rose.
Let's end here with another picture of my sweetie. You can never have too much Smokey Rose.

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