Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy in the Spring

A postcard from Belarus
which gave me joy when I found it in my mailbox

Spring is officially here. I might as well be happy. I am happy. There's lots to be happy about right now.

Lots of Pasque flowers are blooming now at Red Butte

I've started back to working at Red Butte, and every time I go something else is blooming. Right now I am delighted by these Pasque flowers, the state flower of South Dakota.

Lemon cheesecake cookies from The Kitchn
Sally, the Unbrave Girl, inspired me to make lemon things. So far there are ice cream and cookies. For supper tonight I'll make chicken using Mom's classic recipe, a family favorite, along with rice.

The living room dressed for spring & summer.
Smokey Rose sleeps in the sunlight.

I have put away all the Jul and winter stuff and brought out the spring and summer colors. I straightened out the storage locker and the closet in the process so that there is new neatness in the place. Neatness makes me feel light and happy.

I didn't travel for spring break. Actually I didn't take a spring break. I worked hard several days getting mostly caught up on reading and commenting upon student work. Now that we'll be back, the end of the semester is in sight....six weeks. Lots to do before we can quit, but still we only have 6 weeks in which to do them.

I'm making progress on a pair of socks which will get given to a good friend as soon as I can. Then I will start another pair of socks, because, you know, socks. Fun to knit and easy to start and finish.

Smokey Rose is fine. I'm fine. the new baby is growing fine. There's just a lot of reasons to be happy. And even if there weren't all these things, I think I'd be happy anyway.

Baby Ava is looking a lot like a little person in her own right now

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