Saturday, October 5, 2013

Red Butte Garden Now

Fall 2013
I haven't put up many pictures of Red Butte this season. One reason is that I found that this years' pictures are a lot like last years' One rose alone IS a lot like any other rose pictured alone, after all.

Spring 2012

However, soon we will be doing our major autumn cut-back and dig-up. We started this week with this patch of tarragon.
You knew this was tarragon, didn't you?

At the moment a lot of places are looking really beautiful, so you might want to get up there and see things while you can. Like the Four Seasons Garden.

Beautiful grasses in the Four Seasons Garden

Soon we will have a big work day and all the grasses will be totally cut back to the ground. We do this so that you will be able to see all the daffodils in the spring.
In spring you would not be able to see the daffodils if the grasses were all still there.

Right now the herb garden is looking especially nice.

Herb Garden
A lot of this garden is annuals, so a lot of this garden will be gone before too much m

There are plenty of interesting things to see now. Like seedpods.
Datura seedpod
There are a lot of red things to see now.

Red flowers without a label so I don't know what they are

These flowers look a bit like foxgloves, but I never knew foxgloves to be so bright red. 

Serviceberries, I think, but I could be wrong
There are a lot of shrubs that have nice berries now.

Pincushion flower, an annual which needs endless deadheading
I am so glad that we are finished with deadheading all the flowers for the season. It's not difficult, it's just endless, especially for things like these pincushion  flowers.

The grasses are at their height
The ornamental grasses are at their best right now. These are some of my favorite things to see in the Garden.

These peppers are very hot.
These peppers are so interesting to see, but not to my taste to eat. 

The sumacs are the first trees to turn
A final reminder. This sumac is just the beginning. Soon all the trees and shrubs will be turning on their autumn colors. Go see the garden now, and then go back in a couple of weeks. 

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