Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Smokey Rose received a lovely Valentine's card from Woody, her friend in the Netherlands. Woody had an adventure. He went out into the garden and found that everything was covered with the cold, wet, white stuff. He wasn't real fond of it, so he ran back inside and snuggled with his mom in bed for quite some time in order to recover from the whole thing.

Smokey Rose did go out for a little field trip, but not alone. She went in her carrier box to meet her new friend, Dr. Nancy. The visit was pretty successful. Dr. Nancy declared that Smokey Rose was indeed a very fine kitty, and Smokey Rose was on her best behavior and did not get all stressed over the visit.

In the waiting room at Dancing Cats, Dr. Nancy's place, we met a family that brought in three new kitties they had adopted from Best Friends. AND when I was working at Sundance, I met a woman wearing a Best Friends sweatshirt. I got to talking about her, and she said she was pretty sure that a while ago she had been a sponsor for Smokey, back when things weren't looking so good for Smokey's adoption possibilities. I thanked her so very much. All those good folks like her helped bring Smokey Rose to me.

Rosie and I also met Ms Colleen who is going to come to the apartment and take care of Ms Rosie all next week when I go away for 6 days to southern California. (Normally it would be Mr. Russ who comes to visit, but Mr. Russ is taking a vacation himself in Mexico! He deserves it.) This will be Rosie's first time being cared for by someone else. It has to happen sooner or later. I'm trusting that Colleen, a professional at this, will do just fine.

And look at what I found .... 50% off and very cheap at the Golden Braid store. I've worn it a couple of times and think it works just fine.

I also made this for myself. I have made two of these nice scarves and given them to friends who like them quite a bit. I decided I needed one for me, and I found this color combination that featured some green along with my colors of black, gray and turquoise. I am very pleased with this. Now the whole green scarf thing is put to rest!

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  1. Luckily the white stuff is gone now, I hope for a long time! I can smell spring is in the air, it makes me happy!

    Purr purr from Woody