Saturday, August 27, 2011

Red Butte in August

It's time for an update about what's looking good at Red Butte Garden. The short answer is everything. Roses are the big draw right now.

I'm having a lot of trouble , as I was with the daffodils, in selecting my favorites.
Maybe this.

It's hard to resist the yellow ones.
But there are so many sweet pink ones.
Or the multi colored ones. Red and yellow isn't usually a combination that works well, but check these out.
These orange ones are right by the main entrance and my friend Layne takes great care of them.
Here are some orange ones in the new rose garden.
Oh, I just can't decide.
But I have been spending whole days, like today for example, deadheading roses to make them all look the best.
We are mostly doing deadheading, a bit of weeding (in many areas we don't really find that many weeds right now), tidying up, and a bit of cutting back.
We have cut back a lot of lavender because the heads are all dry right now. We probably will get another  round of flowers.
I chopped back the thyme here along the walkway one day.
Here are the day lillies I tidied up one morning.
Speaking of day lillies, we still have a few in bloom.
I filled a big pop-up container with brown leaves from these Beverly Sills irises. It's a good thing the flowers are so gorgeous or else I would have been inclined towards a scorched earth policy here.
But here's why you should come for a visit right now. This view of the four season garden is just the best.
The fragrance garden really does look like a meadow.
We've got flowers everywhere.
I've been told the name of this beaded plant, but I can't seem to remember the name. Maybe you know.
These smoke bushes are so cool looking.
I like these almost black scabiosas.
Speaking of black, these peppers just sparkle in the sun. I'm told they are REALLY REALLY HOT to eat so I probably won't ever try them out.
And I love these bi-colored lemons.
So if you're in town, please come to walk in the garden. There's so much to see.

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