Saturday, May 14, 2011

This Week at Red Butte - Spring at its Best

Right now Red Butte Gardens are all abloom with spring flowers and shrubs.
When you walk on this little path through the woods, you'll find the air is all perfumed. I'm not sure from what exactly, but the whole area smells delightful.

Even though we have started to deadhead the daffodils, they are still going strong all over. There are many lovely varieties. I'm trying to figure out my favorites.

These are in the running.

So are these.

It's hard to resist these tiny yellow ones.

I really like these all white ones.

But this year, I have decided that these reverse colored ones are my favorites.

The fritallaria are so interesting.

Can you see the tiny white flowers in with the anemones? They are quite rare, and most people never see them.

We have a large bed of pasque flowers, the state flower of South Dakota.

The pear arbor is in bloom.

Lots of flowering shrubs are doing their thing now.

Like these crabapples.

The lilacs are just beginning. They will be best in a week or so.

Check out these rare and easily missed Japanese lilies.

These plants, called King's Spears, are common farther south of here. They took 4 years to get to this height. They were carefully grown from seed in the greenhouse.

What are we all doing now? Some weeding, but mostly planting, planting, planting.

Time to visit the gardens if you haven't been here lately!

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful! In Colorado the flowers are not quite as far along but we sure need this gift of rain and snow to help our wild flowers which I know to be ready to awaken any day now.
    thank you for sharing your journey and for taking me along.