Monday, April 18, 2011

Gardening at Red Butte begins

My volunteer work at Red Butte Botanic Gardens has begun. April 2 was the first day. I have only been able to go 3 times so far, what with all the school work I still have to do and the terrible weather we have been having on and off lately. I'm supposed to go tomorrow, but rain and cold may keep me away.

So this blog is a picture blog about what I have done so far. I'll start with some lovely pictures of spring flowers in bloom.
I helped to plant all these little bulbs in the new rose garden a couple of years ago. It was a lot of work.

These little blue irises are my favorites.

But the white ones are pretty sweet too.

So the first day we pruned roses. There was a lot of damage over the winter. I had to prune some bushes almost totally away.

These bushes might not survive.

I also cut back on dead grasses on the second day.

Cutting back on the rosebushes did allow these beautiful shrubs to shine though.

And you will notice my Coffee Garden travel mug there in the corner.

Here is one of the rose beds again.

Be sure to visit the gardens if you can!

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